It’s Time for a Change

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Weeks have gone by as I’ve contemplated whether to move from Louisville and head to Cincinnati to live with a friend who could really use the financial help by having a roommate. It’s a big move to uproot yourself from everything that you know to be able to help a friend in need, especially when you’re not sure whether it’s going to be a long-term situation or not. Still, I’ve been looking into internet providers in ohio because I’ll require a decent enough connection to do the work that I do (content creation for various video sites) and while looking through the list of available providers, something struck me as rather odd. They were the same as I had here. Two providers; one DSL, one Cable. There was nothing else available to me. As someone who lives in one of the greatest, most economically powerful countries in the world, I would have expected that our Internet service would be more robust than it is.

Instead, we have this. Our current model of providers are some of the worst in the country! If you look up both Comcast and Time Warner, you will find that each company has been voted as ‘The Worst Company in America’ multiple times and even their customer service experience is continuously reported as the very worst. And yet, these two companies are looking to merge together! This is where I begin to wonder if our country is losing its mind by giving so much power to businesses like these two who do nothing but make a mockery of business itself. They take advantage of their customers at every opportunity while exploiting their level of control over Internet access by forcing consumes and content providers to pay more to have access to their servers and yet we still allow this to happen?