A New Advertising Approach for the Modern World

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Crafting your own promotional products in brisbane might seem like a good idea and it certainly is should you have an in house team capable of doing so but I have found that utilizing local websites and companies to be a far better experience as of late. With our advertising beginning to take on a new shape as we shift our focus to a digital one, we’ve begun to do away with the notion of physical promotional tools and instead opt for digital constructs. This has allowed us to save a great deal of money on our campaigns and those physical tools that we do use typically take the form of donated items or vouchers for our silent auctions. It’s amazing just how little silent auctions are utilized these days but they have been nothing but successful whenever we have used them to launch or end a campaign. Advertising has taken on a whole new facet with the introduction of aggregatewebsites and community forums which share ‘memes’.

It can be a subtle thing and a difficult thing to master but introducing an idea, a concept, a philosophy – a seed of information as it were, into a community and watch it grow is an amazing experience. One of our advertisers had the idea: run a campaign against the competition but allow the ‘Internet’ to do the work for us. Curious, we allowed him to engineer his campaign and in a weeks time we began to see memes that were mocking or bashing our competition. All it took were a few comments onReddit, onFacebook and Twitter from profiles that he had created just for this. Seeing this success, we have already started to experiment with different strategies that will incorporate this sort of shill marketing in combination with meme generation and engineering.