Texas Gives You the Power to Choose

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I’ve been in Texas for about a month now and the biggest change that I have to comment on is how many options I have as a resident here. It might seem a small thing for some of you but for those of us who have a near obsession with keeping our budgets completely balanced being able to select which energy provider we want has a huge advantage. I came across http://energyproviderstexas.com in the weeks before moving which was rather shocking; there were choices to be made! Choices in who I wanted to be my power supplier – those kind of options are shocking!

Back in Louisville, there is literally one power company available which means you are stuck with them no matter what kind of price hikes they might pass. It’s terrible as you never quite know how much you are going to be spending throughout the year as they often raised their prices right before Summer or Winter, claiming the need to repair downed lines or whatever poor excuses they could come up with. To me, since they are utility, they clearly shouldn’t be utilizing the money that they get from our bills and instead collect it right from our taxes.

It is mind boggling that they are able to raise money this way, especially considering they are the only company in the area to provide power. This effectively gives them a type of monopoly in the region even if they are a utility. I like Texas much better for this reason. If the price of my bill goes up I can switch over to another company that has better pricing. Hopefully I won’t be having to resort to such measures, I like stability, but I don’t like it so much that I’ll stick with a company who is charging too much.