Someone Tried to Break in to the House the Other Day

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We got a message while we were at work the other day. It was a bit weird and it sort of threw a monkey wrench in to my day. Some foolish thief tried to break in to the house the other day. Of course they are locked up for it and probably getting examined to see how much sense that they have. Of course we have an adt security camera staring right down at the front door. It is not like we are hiding this fact. We got one of those signs that say this house is protected by ADT. Of course I guess the thief might have thought that was a big lie, but it was not a big lie. We really had ADT and they called the cops. The guy was still trying to get in the house when the deputy sheriff rolled up and he took off running through the woods.

Thing is we sort of had seen this guy around. He is this guy you see up at the convenience store on the highway. I think he is usually picking up cans or something like that. So we got to telling the sheriff this and they figured out who the guy was. Apparently he was known to some of them. They seemed to think the guy was not quite all there, which makes a lot of sense. Obviously if he was a master thief it would have been easier for him to take on some other guy who was not as well prepared as we are. Of course it is not a big deal. The guy made some scratches on the door trying to jimmy the lock. Of course I already fixed up the lock so that it is not easy to do that trick a long time ago.

Great Info and Picking Power Company

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I was reading some important information about upcoming changes to my electricity service. I am not sure how much the changes impact me, but it has got me to wondering if I might not be able to get a better deal for internet from another provider in the area. It is something that I should probably look into, because I would be much happier if I knew that I were paying the best price for electricity. I have a lot of home improvement projects that I need to get to this summer, since I am going to have more free time, and I am going to be working less at the office.

I am going to enjoy getting things done on the house. Little has gotten done in the last two years, in spite of the fact that I have some pretty big ideas for the things that I want to do with the house and the things that I want to change or repair. I am really thinking about replacing all of the appliances in the house with ones that are more energy efficient.

But at the same time, it would take a long time to see a return on the investment. But honestly, with me, when it comes to energy efficiency, I care more about the environment than I do about being able to personally save money on my power bill. Sure that is nice and everything, but it is not as important being able to do a little bit to make the world a little more green. I wonder how the power is generated at the power plant that I get my electricity from. I hope it is something that does not emit a lot of carbon emissions. Maybe I am better off if I do not know.

I Just Got Started on the House

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At the moment this is about an acre and three quarters of land and it is going to take a bit of time for us to get it ready for us to build the house on. At the moment I am thinking that I will probably buy a disused trailer and use it for a based. Of course I can just stick my tools in it and lock it up and of course I can go to and figure out where to get the electricity hooked up. Of course having the power is a big deal if you are going to build a house. You do not need power to build a house, but it would obviously help a guy like me. I have a small generator which I can use for short periods of time, but that is sort of annoying in my opinion. I use a little pancake air compressor. So I would need to use a generator for my my pneumatic tools and those are a big part of what I do.

Obviously it is going to take me a good bit of effort and planning to do this. The first thing I need to do is to clear the land and level it off. The place we want to place the house is going to require a great deal of effort, that’s because there are some rather large rocks on this property. I am talking about boulders which are way too big to be moved by hand. In fact some of them are probably going to be difficult to remove if you have a decent sized front end loader. I am looking to see how hard it would be for me to rent one of those and do the job on my own and how much that would cost.