Saving a Valuable Natural Resource and Keeping Warm in the Winter

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We considered our energy usage when we renovated. One of the main things we did was to make sure we had the best insulation possible in each room. We added another full layer of insulation in the attic, and we had the walls filled with that foam stuff. The draftiness was cut down to practically nothing when we put on new siding. They wrapped the house in that house wrap, and it sealed everything up very nicely. No more cold spots in the corners. The natural gas we use to heat our home is a natural resource, and we want to do our best to save money on our heating bill and save on our carbon footprint as well.

We do like to stay warm in the winter, and having the best insulation for our home helps us to use less of the natural gas resource. The new energy-efficient windows really help to keep the heat in too. The addition of an Arctic room at the front and back doors also saves money. These are entryways you enter and close the outside door before going into the house. You cannot tell they are there from the outside, but they do save heat loss in the winter at the main entrance and exits of your home.

We are using less natural gas than we did before, and our house feels a lot warmer. I can sit next to a window now and not feel any cold creeping down toward my feet. I never liked how winter can reach in and grab you when you have a chair close to a window. I like it cozy in our home with no drafts. The house wrap and insulation has worked wonders to reduce the drafts and improve how it feels to relax in our living room in the middle of winter.