Does Botox Really Reduce Your Jaw Size

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I had never thought about this, but the other day I was at my dentist’s office and I was reading the literature that they had there. I have been having my teeth capped, which is sort of a work thing as in my spare time I do a bit of modeling. Mostly my job requires me to take off my shirt, I am sort of a fitness model. At any rate this place billed itself as having the top rated botox jaw reduction therapy in Singapore. I was not sure that I understood, but then perhaps I am just a bit dense and I do not really understand how that stuff works. It seems to me that the way the botox works is that it stops the muscles in a certain part of your body from working the way that they were designed to work. At least that is how I understood what they write about it. It paralyzes the muscles I think, with a botulin poison. I think that is like food poisoning, but obviously this stuff is used in a very targeted way when it is done right.

I do not know any people who have had this done personally and honestly I think that my jaw is fine, but it seems as though this would be a strange way to go about that sort of result. I understand that the cosmetic dentist can probably re arrange your jaw so that your face looks differently. I am not quite sure how you can do that with just a botox injection, although I would guess it would require a certain amount of fore thought and a good bit of skill. You definitely do not want to try amateur hour when you have this sort of thing done to your face.

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