Doing Some Stuff Around the Yard

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I started out when I got home Friday. I took off from work after lunch and got my pressure washer out. I went around the house getting the shutters, the gutters, the porch, the deck and the driveway. Of course I got a really nice pressure washer and you can not just pound stuff with it, or you will tear up the stuff that you are trying to clean. In fact if I aim it at the bricks above the patio I can see the water running blood red off it, of course that is the pressure washer destroying the brick piece by piece and turning it into sand. I have damaged my deck like that, trying to get that nasty green pollen off it with a pressure washer. Of course the way to get that stuff off of your deck is to use bleach, but at the time I had not learned that right then. It was one of those things.

Saturday morning I got up and started cleaning up the storage building. We are going to move it on to the land we bought from the farmer who lives behind us. He sold me this sliver of land which really was not a lot of use to him. It was on the wrong side of the creek, which is now more or less the property line. The land is too rocky to build on. In fact it seems like they must have dragged a bunch of big rocks to that piece of land when they were using my land for farming. At any rate the land is just about perfect for me to get because I just did this on a barter type of arrangement. I am going to do some accounting for the farmer and he will give me the land for a nominal price.

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