Just Got Moved Up to Savannah

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I am thinking about taking a trip up to see a friend of mine in Charleston, SC soon. I have not seen him since we were in college about six years ago and the two of us used to have a lot of fun. I am in Savannah now and it is not that far from there. At any rate I am waiting on the cable guy from Cox to come hook up my TV and Internet. I got one of those package deals, although I probably should have looked around more. I think it was like this deal, http://www.cable-tv.com/cox/georgia/savannah/ and it is hard to figure out whether or not there are any strings attached. It is hard to know how easily you can get out of it for one thing. The big thing is that you have to worry about getting stuck with a deal that gets worse and worse every time you turn around.

The deal you see in big bold letters is really sweet. It looks great and it is, so long as the initial introductory terms are in effect. The problem is that they always expire after three months or 6 months and then the cable company starts to raise the stakes on you. Before you know it they are charging you two or more times what you started out paying. It is great when you have the deal that costs you seventy five dollars for cable tv and broadband Internet, but at some point they start to hit you with a fee here and a fee there, then they bump the rate up and before you know it they are charging you about a hundred and fifty dollars a month. You can eat on that if you are a really frugal person, although not well.

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