A New Advertising Approach for the Modern World

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Crafting your own promotional products in brisbane might seem like a good idea and it certainly is should you have an in house team capable of doing so but I have found that utilizing local websites and companies to be a far better experience as of late. With our advertising beginning to take on a new shape as we shift our focus to a digital one, we’ve begun to do away with the notion of physical promotional tools and instead opt for digital constructs. This has allowed us to save a great deal of money on our campaigns and those physical tools that we do use typically take the form of donated items or vouchers for our silent auctions. It’s amazing just how little silent auctions are utilized these days but they have been nothing but successful whenever we have used them to launch or end a campaign. Advertising has taken on a whole new facet with the introduction of aggregatewebsites and community forums which share ‘memes’.

It can be a subtle thing and a difficult thing to master but introducing an idea, a concept, a philosophy – a seed of information as it were, into a community and watch it grow is an amazing experience. One of our advertisers had the idea: run a campaign against the competition but allow the ‘Internet’ to do the work for us. Curious, we allowed him to engineer his campaign and in a weeks time we began to see memes that were mocking or bashing our competition. All it took were a few comments onReddit, onFacebook and Twitter from profiles that he had created just for this. Seeing this success, we have already started to experiment with different strategies that will incorporate this sort of shill marketing in combination with meme generation and engineering.

It’s Time for a Change

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Weeks have gone by as I’ve contemplated whether to move from Louisville and head to Cincinnati to live with a friend who could really use the financial help by having a roommate. It’s a big move to uproot yourself from everything that you know to be able to help a friend in need, especially when you’re not sure whether it’s going to be a long-term situation or not. Still, I’ve been looking into internet providers in ohio because I’ll require a decent enough connection to do the work that I do (content creation for various video sites) and while looking through the list of available providers, something struck me as rather odd. They were the same as I had here. Two providers; one DSL, one Cable. There was nothing else available to me. As someone who lives in one of the greatest, most economically powerful countries in the world, I would have expected that our Internet service would be more robust than it is.

Instead, we have this. Our current model of providers are some of the worst in the country! If you look up both Comcast and Time Warner, you will find that each company has been voted as ‘The Worst Company in America’ multiple times and even their customer service experience is continuously reported as the very worst. And yet, these two companies are looking to merge together! This is where I begin to wonder if our country is losing its mind by giving so much power to businesses like these two who do nothing but make a mockery of business itself. They take advantage of their customers at every opportunity while exploiting their level of control over Internet access by forcing consumes and content providers to pay more to have access to their servers and yet we still allow this to happen?

The Body of a Dream

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My husband is the big body builder type, he was always so thin and fit. He had always loved to play sports but about two years ago he broke his leg. Since then he has put on a lot of weight due to his restrictions. It took a year for his leg to recover, over the last year he tried to get back his toned body. Unfortunately he hasn’t had much success, it is hard to get back a body you worked your whole life to build. I looked around and I think I found a solution; titanium pro x.

I bought this product online and had my husband try it out. He takes it everyday before he goes to the gym to work out.

LEGION at Club X

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  1. LEGION at Club X
    Event on 2014-01-05 21:30:00

    DJ Heartless spinning the best Goth, Industrial, EBM & Darkwave
    guest DJ, The Reverend 19

    Shot girls & Specialty Drinks

    Hosted by:
    Gideon & Suki

    Working The Dungeon:
    Mistress Jenny

    Dress Code: Alternative Attire. No Sneakers. No Blue Jeans.
    Dress to Impress!


    Join us every Sunday night at Club X

    We are LEGION.

    at Club X
    681 Valley St
    Providence, United States

  2. “Seductive Saturdays” #Eat/#Drink/#Party City Vibes Brooklyn Style
    Event on 2014-01-04 23:00:00
    DMG Promotions Presents #Eat/#Drink/#Party

    "Seductive Saturdays"
    City Vibes Brooklyn Style

    Ladies Free Open Bar Til 11:30pm
    Everyone Free B4 12am & Ladies Free B4 1am

    eSavoy Lounge 2192 Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11234 (Quentin Rd & Ave R)

    Bar by BarBee's @VCakes & Isweat_Vicki /// Hookah & Bottles Service Top Shelf Ladies

    Music By: Power 105.1 DJ Will, DJ Kaos, DJ Kevin Crown & NBCK, DJ ExeQtive, DJ Xplosion, DJ Famous, DJ Reemo & DJ Triple X

    All Birthdays R Free All Nite / 2-for-1 Drinks B4 12am / – Beer Buckets
    Any 1 Bottles for 0 or Any 2 Bottle for 0 – Ciroc/Goose/Henny
    Platinum Package: 0 – 5 Bottles, VIP Table, 2 Appetizers

    This event is powered by S_Dot & #DMGBoyz. To Plan Your Special Event or RSVP: EsavoyLoungeEvents@gmail.com // Text: 646-270-1833 /@Sdot_DMGBoyz

    at Esavoy Lounge
    2192 Flatbush Ave
    Brooklyn, United States

  3. Midnight at the Oasis: New Year’s Eve Water Park Event at Sahara Sam’s
    Event on 2013-12-31 19:00:00
    Countdown to 2014 at Sahara Sam’s with a night of fun, FOAM and family! Splash the night away on our indoor water attractions, meet Sahara Sam himself, jam out with DJ Marsdale, join in on fun contests for a chance to win prizes, get your limbo on, or jump in on the park wide Congo line!

    Enjoy delicious appetizers, hot dinner, and dessert buffet. Ring in 2014 with a toast, party hats, noisemakers, and a FOAM Party at Midnight! (Toast is champagne for over 21/sparkling cider for under 21)

    Interested in a Cabana for the Evening? We have 6 available for rental on a first come first server basis. To reserve one for this event, please call us by phone: 1-856-767-7589 x 115. Cabana Rental for the evening is .95.

    The three course buffet at no additional cost to your ticket includes the following:
    Hot Appetizers:
    Broccoli and cheese bites, Buffalo chicken bites, Mozzarella sticks, & Mini raviolis
    Cold Items and Salads:
    Pepperoni and cheese, Vegetable platters, Caesar salad, & Asst. dinner rolls
    Baked Ziti, Sliced hot ham, Meatballs teriyaki, Chicken parmesan, Pizza, & Chicken Tenders
    Hot Sides:
    French fries, Baby carrots, & Roasted potatoes
    Asst. cakes, Cookies, Cream puffs, & Chocolate Éclairs


    at Sahara Sam’s Oasis Indoor Water Park
    535 North Route 73
    West Berlin, United States

Riding on the Open \Road

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I wanted to plan a trip with my brother and instead of flying, we wanted to drive. We felt that flying wouldn’t allow us to see much scenery, and the trip would be over too soon. We wanted to see the open road and some fun, so we looked online to find out more details about car rental rate. Only two of us were going on the trip, so we decided to rent a mid sized sedan, rather than something big like an SUV or a minivan.

My brother insisted on choosing the color for the car, so I let him. His favorite color is blue, so he went with a blue car. There were a lot of blue mid sized cars on the rental website, so we just chose the one with the best gas mileage. We picked up the car and drove it back home to pack our items in it. We left our home that morning and set out on our road trip. Traffic was backed up badly in the morning, but we didn’t let this deter us. Once we were on the highway, we rolled down the windows to let the wind blow across our faces. It was a wonderful feeling that we rarely get to experience. We mostly take public transportation everywhere we go, so feeling the wind was quite a relaxing experience.

On our trip, we stopped at many locations and met lots of interesting people. Quite a few people that we met were also travelers, and we rode with them for a few miles. We ate at some magnificent restaurants that you don’t normally find in the city. They had a real home cooked meal feel to them. I wish I could have brought some of the food back with me to save for a later date.