question about mma sparring?

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  1. I was watching YouTube to see how mma fighter train. I saw the sparring session where, they go at each other relentlessly. Back and forth tearing each other apart. My question is, sparring like that safe? Sure they had head pad and gloves but not al the time. Doesnt that shorten yourself career going all out like that everyday?

    Answer by Keyboard Warrior
    If you could post a link to that video, I could offer a more insightful answer. But in MMA we typically do full-contact sparring. Full-contact sparring like you saw is not an everyday activity, because like you said, it will shorten our careers. Its important we go full out, because it conditions our bodies for the damage we may receive in an MMA fight. It gets us prepared to take the hits, but helps us to learn how to deal out hits at the same time.

    Other styles dont do this, and theyre doing a great disservice to themselves. How can you say you know how to fight, when youve never been hit? Many styles say they can, when theyve never learned to take a punch or deal one out right after.

  2. I think the main difference between a traditional martial art and a sports martial art is that the traditional teaches you real self defense while sport combat is for ring fighting only. anyway, can sparring help you overcome fear of fighting no matter which martial art or sport combat you choose? i mean, thats why we choose to do martial arts, right? to defend ourselves against potential attackers but that wont matter one bit if sparring is not included because its one thing to learn something from watching a movie, reading a book or just watching something than rather doing it by yourself. and an additional question, why is sparring less performed in traditional martial arts and more kata involved? im aware of the importance of breath control but just by learning to control your breath wont save you if you lack experience in a direct fight. im a little confused because many people told me different things. please give me your advice and answer my questions, i think this is a really important topic regarding martial arts.
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    Answer by jim
    You ask a lot of questions and make a couple of assumptions that are not necesarily true. Not everybody comes to the martial arts to learn how to defend themselves. They could join for any number of reasons. However to your point to iimprove yoru fighting abilities then yes you do need to spar, but that does not mean you have to spar if you are not interested in that aspect of the arts. In addition I think sports combat offers just as much if not more practical experience in self defense. Neither of these typically provide however the complete package as far as self-defense training goes. Self-Defense goes beyond the physical. Most self-defense begins way before a fight, by using avoidance techniiques, and deescalation of arguements

  3. In the striking class at my mma place at the end we spar but when I spar I kind of fight for real . They say to slow down and just find open spots but when I slow down I tend to get hit more so I move around a lot and hit for real like in a fight , am I doing anything wrong ?

    Answer by texashottiesboi
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