Someone Tried to Break in to the House the Other Day

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We got a message while we were at work the other day. It was a bit weird and it sort of threw a monkey wrench in to my day. Some foolish thief tried to break in to the house the other day. Of course they are locked up for it and probably getting examined to see how much sense that they have. Of course we have an adt security camera staring right down at the front door. It is not like we are hiding this fact. We got one of those signs that say this house is protected by ADT. Of course I guess the thief might have thought that was a big lie, but it was not a big lie. We really had ADT and they called the cops. The guy was still trying to get in the house when the deputy sheriff rolled up and he took off running through the woods.

Thing is we sort of had seen this guy around. He is this guy you see up at the convenience store on the highway. I think he is usually picking up cans or something like that. So we got to telling the sheriff this and they figured out who the guy was. Apparently he was known to some of them. They seemed to think the guy was not quite all there, which makes a lot of sense. Obviously if he was a master thief it would have been easier for him to take on some other guy who was not as well prepared as we are. Of course it is not a big deal. The guy made some scratches on the door trying to jimmy the lock. Of course I already fixed up the lock so that it is not easy to do that trick a long time ago.

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